Illustration – how it’s made.


This video was made with the following purposes in mind:

1 I wanted to illustrate one of many ways of creating digital art. In this case I was using Photoshop CS4 to make this illustration; it was made pretty much “old school” style.  The advantages of using a software for combining drawing and painting is that it’s less messy, you can correct your mistakes or make changes without risking the entire project, and you don’t have to wait until the paint dries in order to apply another layer. It makes the whole process much faster; besides, the necessary skills to achieve a good result are the same compared with any traditional painting media.

2 Since other artists started uploading their “work in progress” videos on the internet, I found it absolutely enjoyable. It still seems to me the works of as magic, and that is why I decided to join them.

3 I’ve learned a lot by watching other people as they are working on their projects. This is my way to say “thanks for sharing” your ideas with the rest of us, and hope my approach might be useful to someone as well.